How far will a million dollars take you in Calgary? The answer is pretty far. The influx of luxury homebuilders in Calgary is giving homebuyers something to aspire to, and home sellers in search of an upgrade plenty of large lots to choose from. In this article, we’re going to survey the diverse range of million dollar listings in Calgary. 


Mahogany, SE Calgary 

Mahogany is a relatively new development in Calgary that gives homebuyers the unique opportunity to own a cottage country like waterfront property without moving too far from the city. This neighbourhood features unique residential islands that are situated directly on Calgary’s largest manmade lake. These homes are accessible only by private road and are akin to the luxurious manmade islands in Dubai that are coveted by celebrities around the world. Homebuyers can anticipate prices peaking just over a million.


Click here for access to the Mahogany homebuilders’ website.


Aspen Woods, SW Calgary

The average price of a home in Aspen Woods tends to be more than a million dollars. But with prices like that, Calgary homeowners can expect a certain level of luxury out of their home. Many of the homes in this SW Calgary neighbourhood are pretty new and date back to the early 00’s. The residents in this high-end luxury community can find most of their amenities at the Westhills Shopping Centre and Aspen Landing


Watermark at Bearspaw, NW Calgary 

Watermark at Bearspaw is a NW Calgary neighbourhood designed with estate like living in mind. The lots are large, the homes are extravagant, and the community is recognized as being very affluent. Watermark is another one of the most esteemed luxury homebuilders in Calgary and homebuyers will easily be able to see why the neighbourhood is almost exclusively full of million dollar listings.


If you’re looking to learn a little bit more about this neighbourhood, click here to read my article on Living in Watermark at Bearspaw.


Downtown Calgary Luxury Lofts 

Some of the luxury lofts in downtown Calgary are simply breathtaking. You wouldn’t believe the number of million dollar listings and lavish penthouses that are hidden away in the clouds. These downtown Calgary luxury condos are a hit with those who work in the city and want to be close to the hip urban districts that make up the area. Calgary luxury homebuilders have developed some of the condos but the vast majority are spacious lofts that have been converted into swank bachelor pads. 


Calgary Inner City Luxury Homes 

The neighbourhoods surrounding the Calgary inner city are full of many million-dollar homes. These properties are prized because of their closeness to the city centre and all of its amenities, and also because they afford larger lots than the multi-family homes closer to the downtown Calgary core. These houses are perfect for families who value a short commute yet still want to give their children a fair amount of room to grow up in. Neighbourhoods like Bridgeland, Mount Royal, and Marda Loop are definitely worth checking out if this is the kind of home that you’re in the market for.


And if you ever need a hand locating a luxury home in Calgary, one that’s every bit as classy as you’ve been dreaming of, give me a call and I’ll help you find where it’s at. 

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In this week’s article, the spotlight is on the Valley Ridge neighborhood in NW Calgary, a high-end neighbourhood that boasts just as much green space as it does developed land.


Valley Ridge Landscape


Valley Ridge was founded on an area formerly known as the Happy Valley Camp. The former campgrounds can account for the great natural landscape that Valley Ridge homeowners enjoy. According to the Valley Ridge Community Association, up to 50% of the community is covered by green space that includes hiking trails, bike paths, and a plethora of wildlife.


In addition, this neighbourhood is built at the crossroads between the bustling city centre and the calm Canadian Rockies mountain range. With cool views of these two drastically different landscapes and reasonable access to both, Valley Ridge effectively gives community members the best of both worlds.


Valley Ridge Homes


The prices of homes in Valley Ridge range from moderately priced to high end. Most of the single-family homes sit on moderately sized lots. That said, the prices of Valley Ridge homes for sale are generally north of a million dollars. Ultimately, it all depends on the level of luxury and what you’re looking for and what you aim to get out of your new home.


In terms of multi-family homes, the Bow River Terrace gives Calgarians an opportunity to become a part of this community without the same financial obligation that accompanies the purchase of a single-family home.


Valley Ridge Amenities

Valley Ridge Calgary is perfect for those who value nearness to nature and a direct link to the city centre. Bow Valley and Nose Hill Park are both extremely close to the neighbourhood too.


Many residents enjoy the handily named Valley Ridge Golf Course that has also been embedded in the community. It also doubles as an event space for those organizing gatherings and features a very classy restaurant and lounge that is bound to impress your clients.


Insider Tip: the restaurant is open to all, regardless of club membership!


The Valley Ridge Community


The Valley Ridge Community Association operates a full-size skating rink during the wintertime and a skateboard park in the summer. They also host a number of house league sports teams that give the kids of the community the ability to take part in some physical activities and build friendships that will last a lifetime with the other youngsters in the neighbourhood.


If you want to get to know this neighbourhood better, I recommend taking a drive through the serene suburban streets and marvel at the luxury properties yourself. And of course, if you’d like a guided tour, I’m your man!

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The increasing number of homes for sale in Calgary and the surrounding area gives homebuyers the freedom and the flexibility to shop around. When checking out the many Calgary housing options, be sure to make a pit stop at Silver Springs in NW Calgary!  Here are a few reasons why families may enjoy life in this neighbourhood:


The landscape is beautiful. The NW Calgary foothills are known all across the Calgary Region for their beauty and Silver Springs happens to be nestled within them. This family friendly community is located just north of Canada Olympic Park and the majestic Bow River.


The original builders began construction on the community in the early 1970s and it has remained a haven for thrill seekers and winter sport enthusiasts ever since. They chose to break ground on the bluffs for the scenic landscape and the awesome view of the Rockies that it gives residents. The homes in Silver Springs are moderately priced - not many of them break the million dollar home mark.



Families that enjoy hiking the trails and immersing themselves will be overjoyed when they learn of Silver Spring’s close proximity to the Bowmont Park conservation area. This park is situated directly between the neighbourhood and the Bow River and gives residents of this NW Calgary neighbourhood a great place to escape that’s still close to home. Closer still is the Scenic Acres Park, located right at the centre of the neighbourhood.


There’s definitely no shortage of Calgary housing but when you’ve got so many options you want to choose the one that’s right for you. If you value an active community then Silver Springs deserves to be at the top of your list.

Here is how the Silver Springs Community Association describes their neighbourhood: 


“A very active community. There is a large sports program with hundreds signing up for soccer, softball, and baseball. The community centre offers classes in fitness, painting, yoga, meditation, martial arts, and kids dance.” (Source: Silver Springs Community Association


Another really popular feature driving attendance and participation is the Silver Springs Pool, also found at the Silver Springs Community Centre. And rest assured that hot or cold, you can skate there any time. 

For those who enjoy golfing in Calgary, the Silver Springs Golf and Country Club is well suited for golfers of all skill levels.



There are a few shopping plazas in and around Silver Springs but even better is the fact that this neighbourhood is a short 20 minute drive away from the downtown core where you can enjoy anything from a day spent shopping to a night spent wining and dining with friends.


If you care to know more about this neighborhood and the houses for sale in Silver Springs, or if you’re interested in listing your Silver Springs home, you can give me a shout and I’m certain that it won’t be hard finding someone interested in becoming a part of this great community!

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If you have spent any time out and about in the city then you may have noticed the increasing number of Calgary homes for sale as of late. With the market evidently transitioning from a sellers market to a buyers market, it’s more important than ever for homebuyers to have a firm grasp on negotiation tactics when looking at houses for sale in Calgary. Those who do may find that it‘s a great time to enter the market. Because the real estate market is so dynamic, I’m also going to outline how a homebuyer should negotiate in a sellers market. This means that understanding the state of the housing market is the first step.


These are the primary factors that determine whether it is a sellers market or a buyers market, or, if it’s in transition (known as a transitional market). These factors have a huge impact on negotiations and whether the negotiations will favour the buyer or the seller. It all begins with research. Here are some subjects to familiarize yourself with when preparing to negotiate for your new Calgary home:


  1. Historical Sales Prices: How have the housing prices changed over the past year? Here is a great resource to learn about Calgary housing prices: Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) Housing Statistics
  2. How many units have sold in the past month compared to the same month in the year previous? Here is a great resource to learn about how many homes have sold: CREB’s Monthly Housing Summary
  3. Oil Prices: People may debate if oil prices actually have an impact on real estate, however, because of the media attention surrounding it, it does have an effect. Are the oil prices going up or down? How does the current price compared to the record highs and lows?
  4. Population growth: How many people are moving to Calgary? 

Here are the conclusions that market analysts and pundits make regarding the above factors:


  1. If housing prices are going up, it favours sellers.
  2. If housing prices are going down, it favours buyers.
  3. If oil prices are going down, it’s favours buyers.
  4. If oil prices are going up, it favours sellers.
  5. If the population is increasing, it favours sellers.
  6. If the population is stagnant or decreasing (which is rare for Calgary), it favours buyers.

Now, irrespective of external factors on real estate, there are certain steps buyers can take to put themselves in a better position when negotiating.



Keep your options open! Plan ahead and don’t be in a rush to buy. When homes stay on the market longer, Calgary homebuyers have a larger inventory to choose from. In any negotiating scenario, the side with the most options has always had the upper hand. Buyers have the freedom to keep multiple opportunities on the backburner while they dip their feet and see which properties are best suited for them and their families. When this factor is coupled with the time sensitive nature of some home sellers moves, negotiations can result in huge deals for people buying a home in Calgary.


If at all possible, use time as an advantage in your negotiation. Some home sellers will lower their asking price if it means they can get their home sold faster. This is because they might fear that its value will only depreciate further if they wait to long to sell it. They may have also placed an offer on another home and can’t close until their current home has sold. There are many other reasons why people selling their home need to do it faster. For example,foreclosures. It’s a tough situation for the homeowner but it can be a real advantage to homebuyers in search of a deal. In any case, homebuyers have time on their side and they can make use of it when it comes time for negotiations.


While the Calgary housing market will have it’s ups and downs for buyers and sellers, the party that is acquainted with the most knowledge, and the party that has done its research, will inevitably come out on top. To see my article on 4 tips on how to research the Calgary housing market, click here.


And lastly, if you want to be able to really hold your ground at the negotiation table, it doesn’t hurt to consult a REALTOR® who can lend their insight into the housing market, the options available, and of course, the best deal. If you found this article helpful or would like to know more about how to negotiate in the Calgary Real Estate Market, feel free to contact me directly and I’ll do my best to lend a hand with your family’s next big move. 

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Buying or selling your home is likely to be one of, if not the, largest financial transaction of your life. Naturally, hiring a real estate agent to facilitate the process can spare you from headaches, but there are still some things that you can do on your own to inform yourself and prepare for the big move. The Internet is an amazing tool for homebuyers and sellers, but looking at the physical world is still the primary source for making good real estate decisions. I’m going to share 4 tips for researching and understanding the Calgary housing market. 



1)    Learn about the specific neighborhood you’re moving to


Location, location, location. This means so much when it comes to real estate. It can determine whether your property will appreciate or depreciate in value and is a huge factor in the quality of life for you and your family. Calgary has over 200 neighbourhoods, and each one has distinct properties that can fluctuate from year to year. This is one of the reasons I recommend using a REALTOR® – you don’t have the time to keep up with these changes, but that’s our job! Nevertheless, the Internet is fast, however, you can tell whether a neighborhood is on the up or down just by taking a drive through the neighbourhood and making some observations!


Pay attention to the surroundings and ask yourself a few of questions like:

  • Are there a lot of new houses going up in the area?
  • Is work being done to improve the local infrastructure? (e.g. new road construction, new schools, a new hospital, etc.)
  • Is there easy access to a commercial shopping district? 

Factors like these can greatly affect the initial price of a home and the price years down the road.   


2)    Check out the pricing in neighbouring communities


Try to familiarize yourself with the housing prices and market trends in the adjacent neighbourhoods.


Click here to search all the homes for sale in Calgary


REALTORS® have the upper hand because of our ability to access the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database. We can easily identify the average price of a home in a particular neighbourhood and compare it to adjacent neighbourhoods or the entire region. Doing so enables both home sellers and buyers to have the most up-to-date information regarding Calgary’s ever-changing housing market.  



3)    Pay attention to the news!


Real estate is one of Canada’s largest industries. Consequently, major news outlets report on it quite often. Be sure to frequent your local newspaper’s business section on a regular basis to keep up with the trends and fluctuations in Calgary’s real estate market. Here are some of my favourite sources:



4)    Buyers, sellers, or transitional market?


Just like the stock market is bullish or bearish, the real estate market can favour buyers, sellers, or be in a transitional phase. It’s important to find out the current state of the market because it affects your outcome.


When home sellers are enjoying the benefits that are associated with a high number of buyers, they are likely to be fielding offers from multiple interested buyers and there’s a strong likelihood that their home will sell for over asking price.


When supply (sellers) exceeds demand (buyers), it’s the opposite. Sellers have to be willing to sell their house for less, and buyers might be able to strike a great deal!


Now, real estate markets are prone to change and the transition between a buyers and sellers market has been coined as a transitional market. During this period of change, buyers and sellers ought to avoid any toe dipping. Sellers listing their home with no intention of actually selling it hurt the market for everyone by sparking the hopes of buyers with their false inventory. The market will follow its natural course but buyers and sellers alike can still do something on their part to help ease the transition.


For any more information regarding the Calgary real market, you can get in touch with me directly. I’ll let you know all you need to know about the current state of the market and help you plan your next move. I love this stuff, so just ask! 

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Luxury living is a growing trend amongst Calgarians that builders have clued in to. One particular community in NW Calgary boasts million dollar homes that are situated on spacious acreage estates. They’re becoming extremely popular with well-to-do families and for plenty of good reasons. The distinctive new community that I’m referring to is Watermark at Bearspaw.


Here are my top 10 reasons why families love to live inside the Watermark neighbourhood at Bearspaw.


1) Million dollar homes


There isn’t a home in this neighbourhood that’s valued at less than a million dollars. The price point reflects not only the mansion that you’re purchasing, but also the affluent community that you’re becoming a part of. Watermark at Bearspaw caters to an upscale lifestyle and if that’s what you want for your family, this neighbourhood is perfect. 



2) Acreage estates


Some of the properties in Watermark at Bearspaw are built upon huge lots. The larger lots border on a whole acre and certain select homes boast an even larger area for families to enjoy. The large lots grant families an unparalleled sense of privacy that can’t be match.


3) Custom homes


There are about four different builders that are currently working in the Waterpark at Bearspaw community and transforming it into the luxury community that you’ve probably heard about. Albi Homes, Astoria Custom Homes, Trickle Creek Custom Homes, and Wolf Custom Homes are capable of designing your home from the ground up with all of the features you want to see in your home. These builders can pluck your dream home right from imagination and bring it to life!  


4) NW Calgary landscapes


If you’re ever looking for something to do in this neighbourhood, you need not look far. Aside from all of the unspoiled greenspace that NW Calgary neighbourhoods make their home amongst, there’s quite a few options for families who enjoy outdoor activities. Among them are the Bearspaw and Lynx Ridge golf courses, the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, 12 Mile Coulee Park, and Canada Olympic Park where skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels can shred the slopes.


5) Luxury villas


The Villas at Watermark give couples and smaller families the ability to enjoy the Watermark lifestyle without necessarily buying in to a huge estate. These luxury condos are located on the periphery of the community and sport either two or three bedroom residences. These condos are ideal for families looking to downsize, de-clutter, and live an all-around simpler life. 



6) Highly ranked schools


There are a number of highly ranked schools within reach of Watermark at Bearspaw. The immediate community is home to Bearspaw Elementary and Cochrane High School. There are also a number of highly regarded Public, Separate, and Private schools that parents can enroll their kids in. Click here to read my article profiling the many schooling options in NW Calgary.


7) The Central Plaza


Residents are privy to the Central Plaza, the vibrant centerpiece of Watermark at Bearspaw. For those who wish to make use of this open space they’ll find it comes complete with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, barbecues, playgrounds, and a regulation size basketball court!



8) Waterfront community


Next to the million dollar homes, the community’s most distinctive features are the ponds and creeks coursing through it. The waterscape is great to admire from a distance and is even better to park up beside and spend a sunny afternoon.


9) Close connection to the city


Watermark at Bearspaw is located only 20 minutes away from Downtown Calgary via the Crowchild Trail NW. If residents would prefer to take a ride on Calgary’s Transit’s LRT, they can park the Crowfoot LRT Station and ride into the city on one of western Canada’s most reliable public transit systems. You’ll have a hard time believing that this luxury community is so close to the city centre!


10) You could live here today!


I’ve mentioned that potential residents have the ability to custom build their home from scratch, but if you’re tired of waiting to move in to the premium community, you can have your pick from a number pre-built estates in the neighbourhood. You’re only $1.1 million away from owning the mansion of your dreams and living in the luxury of Watermark at Bearspaw.


If you’d like any more information about this lavish community, or need help moving to or from, give me, Errol Biebrick, a call and I’ll help you and your family get settled in this amazing new neighbourhood. 


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A huge part of raising your family is the education you’re able to provide for your children. You want to put them in a position to succeed in their studies and feel as if they’re ready to take on the world. Undoubtedly, the school that you enroll them in plays a part in that. Therefore, it is important to consider your options when deciding where to move within Calgary.   


As someone who lives in NW Calgary, works in NW Calgary, and is always helping people move to NW Calgary, I always have clients asking me: “Hey Errol, what are the schools like there? What are my kids options?” 


These are questions I asked myself when deciding which Calgary neighbourhood was the best fit for my kids, and something I pride on knowing for my clients. 


I’ve compiled a really brief overview of some of the options available to families, and you can always call me for more details and insight. 



It’s never too early to begin getting your children involved in early childhood education. Fortunately, families in NW Calgary have a couple options. Parents can choose from institutions like Kaliedoscope Kids or Shining Wonders Montessori Preschool and Childcare to give their children a solid foundation that they can continue to build upon in elementary school and beyond.  


Elementary schools


Families in NW Calgary have quite a few options in terms of Elementary schools. But the thing is, each neighbourhood has its own school that caters to the immediate community. For instance, in Tuscany, Elementary school kids can attend:


Tuscany School (K-3)


Twelve Mile Coulee School (4-9)


Further to the south, families can send their children to this Bowness elementary school:


Belvedere Parkway School (K-6)


In Silver Springs, just east of Tuscany, many parents opt to send their kids to because of their Spanish immersion program, a rare aspect of Calgary elementary schools: 


W.O. Mitchell School (K-6)


And in Scenic Acres, parents are able to enroll their children in this elementary school that shares its name with the neighbourhood:


Scenic Acres (K-4)


I should also mention Rundle College (K-12) is a private school that tends to students from Kindergarten all the way to Grade 12. The school has a few different campuses with Rundle College Primary teaching K-3, Rundle College Elementary teaching Grade 4 to 6 students, and their Junior and Senior High taking care of Grade 7 to 12 students.


Catholic Schools 


There are a number of Catholic Elementary schools in NW Calgary that are servicing the community as well. Unlike some of the Elementary schools, most of the Catholic schools teach from Kindergarten through to Grade 9. 


Families living in Tuscany are currently serviced by:


St. Basil Elementary & Junior High (K-9)


In the Silver Springs Neighbourhood, kids are able to enroll in:


St. Sylvester (K-6)


In Arbour Lake, the kids are in for a treat with their school being right across from the lake that this neighbourhood is named after:


St. Ambrose (K-9)


If you’re raising your kids to be bi-lingual, Madeleine d’Houet School (7-9) is one your family should definitely know about. It never hurts to have another language in your back pocket!


High Schools


The High School that one attends is pretty important because of its ability to provide options upon completion. Families in NW Calgary have a couple of High Schools to choose from, both being within reach of the NW Calgary neighbourhoods:


Bowness High School (10-12)


Robert Thirsk High School (10-12)


In terms of Catholic High Schools, there aren’t really any that are actually in NW Calgary but that doesn’t mean that teens don’t have the option of still enrolling in this type of school. Because the schools aren’t confined to NW Calgary, they often hold seminars in Catholic elementary schools. In them, they present the options available to students and families so they can decide which one works best for their child:


St. Francis High School (10-12)


Post Secondary


When it comes to pursuing a higher education, young adults are in luck. For those opting to live at home, save some money, and enjoy some home cooked meals rather than resorting to ramen, they can choose from one of two schools.


Columbia College is located in NE Calgary so it’s a bit of a trek to get there but it’s definitely their best option if they’re inclined to applied learning. Many of the programs here last two years. After which, students are presented with a choice. One is continuing their education in a University setting by selecting a major and earning a degree through two more years of school. The other is going on to enter the work force, which for most is why they enroll in school to begin with! 


The University of Calgary is a post-secondary institution recognized across Canada for everything from economics to engineering and from business to biology. As mentioned, many of the people who attend Columbia go on to further pursue their studies here. It’s located on the periphery of the city centre and is only a short ride in from your NW Calgary home.


If you wish to learn any more about the schooling options available in NW Calgary, feel free to contact me directly via the information below. I’ll be happy to let you know what schools are available to you and your family when living here.  






Direct: (403) 463-7765

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You may have friends, family, or co-workers who live in the Tuscany area. Tuscany is in fact one of the most in demand neighborhoods in Calgary based on the amount of houses that have been bought and sold in the last 2 years. Why? Have you heard it’s a fantastic community? That’s an understatement!


I’ve compiled this brief list of reasons why you should think of moving to Tuscany and Lynx Ridge.


1)    Lots of green space


Formerly a rural area, much of the green space has managed to remain intact and is available to the community for their enjoyment. Tuscany and Lynx Ridge residents are only minutes away from the Bowmont Park Natural Area, the Bow River, Canada Olympic Park and Nose Hill Park.


Nature lovers will rejoice when they learn of the Twelve Mile Coulee Ravine that weaves its way through Tuscany. This beautiful park gives Tuscany residents the unique opportunity to experience nature in its essence, in the city. The abundance of plant life gives way to a lively community of wildlife and makes for a special destination for you and the family.


2)    Family oriented community




Demographics suggest that a high number of young families currently reside in these NW Calgary neighbourhooda. According to the 2014 Calgary Civic Census, 29 per cent of residents were between the ages of 0-14 years old, and 66 per cent between the ages of 20-64.


Of the 6,425 occupied dwellings in Tuscany, the property owner occupied approximately 92 per cent of them. This suggests that these homes are where the Tuscany families decided to settle down and raise the little ones. (Source: City of Calgary).


3)    Tight-knit community


The Tuscany Community Association is a very active community in the NW Calgary area whose sole purpose is to make life in the neighbourhood better for you. There are often seasonal events organized by the community group for you and the family to enjoy. They’re always dreaming up ways to give back to the community, like their annual community book swap, or their move to raise funds for an outdoor fitness area where residents could all pursue a healthy, active lifestyle together.


4)    It’s near the city centre


As nice as it would be to spend all of your time in this lovely community, you may have to travel in to the city centre for work. Fortunately if you drive you’re only minutes away Crowchild Trail NW, the main vein in to the city centre. In August 2014, the first ever C-Train departed from the new Tuscany station and makes commuting a breeze.


5)    The Lynx Ridge Golf Club



One of Calgary’s defining characteristics is the sheer amount of golf courses available to residents. But the Lynx Ridge Golf Club is a cut above the competition.


This NW Calgary golf course provides nearby residents the ability to hit the links without ever leaving their own backyard. The rolling green hills are home to more than your standard 18 holes, and offer a number of amenities like the Lynx Lounge for you event-hosting needs.


Now if you wish to know any more about this wonderful community, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly, Errol Biebrick, your LOCAL REALTOR® in the Tuscany and Lynx Ridge Communities. I’d be happy to tell you more about what makes this neighbourhood tick and why you’ll simply love living here – I live here!

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